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Why You Have To Build A List

In today’s post I am going to take a bit of a step back, after a few emails from clients I realised that many of you looking to start your very own online business need to have certain things made very clear right from the start.

A lot of people will tell you that you just need a website to start online and that would be correct, however if you don’t have a list to collect potential customer emails and send out helpful information you will find it very hard to bring in interested buyers and never build trust and credibility in your business.

That’s a fact plan and simple, we can argue about it all day and then some but at the end of the day anyone that has built up a targeted email list will out perform those that don’t, it’s just the way it is.

Why The Experts Are Sometimes Right…

If you did a little research online before starting your online business one thing would definitely stand out more than anything else. You need to build an email list or more commonly “the money is in the list” and if you don’t have a list on your website then it’s only a matter of time before you fail.

Well, actually that’s not entirely true I look after numerous businesses that do not have a mailing list and they do just fine, but I also believe with a mailing list that would do a little better. To me a mailing list is not about selling but an awesome tool for anyone in business to communicate and engage with current, new and even potential customers.

Why I Think You Should Have A List

Look what you are about to read is my own personal view and you might not agree at all with what I have to say, which is also fine. Let’s face it – your site, whatever niche it may be in, is going to be in competition with millions of other websites right, hopefully we can agree on that unless you are the  only person with some new and unique product of course. Even if someone comes to your site and likes it, there is no guarantee that they will bookmark it as a way of returning or even consider buying anything for you.

Paying for advertisements (PPC) on the search engines is another way for bringing someone to your site once, but how are you going to keep them coming back?

Well for me it’s a mailing list, and to make the list effective I set up a squeeze page for the paid advertisement to bring visitors to that page so I have a chance of getting at least their name and email. Once I have those details I can then send them useful information not marketing emails but useful product related information. This not only helps them solve daily problems but allows me to build trust and credibility in the eyes of the subscriber.

Be Warned

This can back-fire big time if you are not careful. You can get thousands of people on your list, but if they aren’t interested in the product or service that you are in you won’t get any sales, clicks, or referrals. You must ensure that the people not just coming to your site but this signing up to the list are actually interested in the what you are offering.

Using A Squeeze page To Offer Great Giveaways

One great way to get targeted people onto your list is to give something away on a squeeze page. Squeeze pages are probably the most effective way to build a list, and anyone can utilize them. There are many places you can get ideas for squeeze pages including this site, and with a little personalisation and using a service like Aweber and adding the autoresponder code to the squeeze page one can be online and ready to make money within a couple hours.

Squeeze Pages – A Short Tutorial – The term “squeeze page” is one that is getting bandied about more and more in the internet marketing world. The problem is that if you are new to making money online and building lists, you may be wondering if these pages are the ultimate tool or a gimmicky waste of time. Learn More Here

While the page itself is very important, the most crucial part of your squeeze page is your giveaway. It needs to be something good, since you want to convince your subscribers that they should buy from you, and it needs to be relevant to your niche.

For example, if you are in the self-help niche, then you need to give away something like a 7-day course on improving your mental state, an eBook on how to break a bad habit, or a video set on relaxation techniques. You can find all sorts of products online that are ready to be given away, or you can have a custom offer created at an outsourcing site.

Stop Making This Mistake

Some will tell you that the minute you make a sale for a subscriber you need to remove them from your list. The reasoning behind this is a little strange to me and it it should be to you. The reason is that once you make a sale you should break all ties with that customer so they do not ask for a refund. I mean really does that make sense? Not to me anyway.

Anyone who buys from you should be treated with the up-most respect, you already have their trust you already know what they like so isn’t that a perfect scenario for an upsell, you tell me.

Watch This Space

I will be adding more and more information to this site for new online business owners to use and save time, money qnd allow you to get on with business. Check out our next post Autoresponder Emails – Effective Rather Than Scary.