How to Keep Copy Interesting

Your writing is boring.

How to Keep Copy InterestingAt least, that’s what your analytics say. People don’t share your content, no one comments on it and your calls to action aren’t generating much action. It happens to every blogger, but there’s no need to stay stuck in a rut.

It’s good to have consistency in your content — it builds trust and reinforces your credibility. However, consistency can turn into monotony if you don’t shake things up from time to time. If your copy is looking a little stale, breathe a little life into it with one of these tips.

Follow the News

Yes, evergreen content has a longer shelf life than the topic of the day, but that doesn’t mean your content should be completely free of current events. Spend a little time each day reading the news for ideas and inspiration.

Your reading list should include publications in your field, marketing journals and general newspapers and magazines. Check the headlines every day to find interesting stories that pertain to your blog content, new topic ideas and new formatting ideas that take you out of the five-paragraph routine.

Add Little Touches

You know that straight text doesn’t perform as well as videos and infographics, but you don’t have the resources to go multimedia. What can you do to break up your copy? Sidebars and other supplemental content give your blog a facelift and can emphasize your point.

Add a colorful sidebar to expand on a subtopic. Incorporate a quote from a well-known figure — you’d be amazed how often a Founding Father says it better than you could. Or make it an interactive blog and include a poll or short survey.

Go Off-topic

Whether you write about fuel trucks or graphic design, you have to write a lot before you run out of topic ideas. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to get away from your usual well of ideas and write about something different. It could be fun for your readers, too.

This seems to happen a lot near the end of the year. Search on “holiday wish list” or “New Year resolution” and you’ll see hundreds of posts from business bloggers. You don’t have to wait until a major holiday, though. If you’re stuck for ideas in your field, go with a “day in the life” post or a story from your childhood. This also frees up your creativity when it’s time to write again. 

Bring a Friend

Sometimes we can’t do it alone, even when we’ve gotten good at it. In every other profession, people take over when we’re sick or go on vacation. Give yourself a break and ask someone to help you out with your copy.

Guest bloggers bring a fresh perspective, not to mention new readers. Another person can even help when you are available to write. Turn your next post into an interview with another professional or as a point/counterpoint debate with someone who doesn’t share your opinion.

If content creation begins to feel like an assembly line, eventually the end product will read like it. The best way to keep your content interesting is to get out of the box and try something new, such as one of the tips listed above.

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Michelle is an aspiring writer and blogger at Social We Love with a passion for the Internet, specifically social media and blogging. She loves how social media connects people across the globe, and appreciates that blogging gives her the opportunity to voice her thoughts and share advice with an unlimited audience. Follow her on Twitter or Google+.


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