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Why You Need To Understand Your Target Audience

As an affiliate marketer or even a business owner with an online store for that matter there is one factor that regardless of your situation you need to consider in all you marketing decisions.

You have to have a clear understanding of the target audience or the target market depending on the nature of the business, affiliate or not.

Anyone that knows this and then implements it into their marketing are constantly making more sales and bringing more traffic without the extra overheads due to their ability to understand and define their target audience.

For those that do get this right you will hear them always say that the traffic has declined but the sales have increased, why you may ask! . What’s happening here is you are focusing completely on a buyers market and by doing this you are eliminating what I like to call the tire kickers from using up you valuable resources and time.

A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed source:

Whereas it’s important to know your target audience well, this process has also proved to be one of the most difficult stages in marketing strategies. However, this article will give you an insight on some of the key factors to consider in order to know your target audience and promote organizational success.


Whether your organization is for or non-profit, it is very crucial to understand the demographic groups that you are targeting. Such demographic groups as gender, occupation, age group, educational level, location and income level are very important. It would be pointless for instance, to try to sell electrical appliances to people living in a place with no electricity or evern on the other side of the country if they can buy the the same products in there local area.

So considering the location of the target market/audience would play an important role in gaining the very best for your organization.

It is however also important not to be overly discriminating as this may cause more harm than benefits to your organization.

Understand Their Needs

After defining the demographic groups you want to target, the next step is to define their needs, challenges or problems they are facing. This will help you to convince them on how you can help them solve their problem, whether it is buying your product/service or undertaking a program depending on the nature of your entity. Some businesses want their customers to buy their products without understanding what they really need in the product.

Understanding your target audience’s needs helps you to know the best way you can help them e.g. improving your product features or improving your service delivery.

What Motivates Them?

Try to find out what motivates your audience to take the action you want them to take and use it to grab their attention. This way, you can gain rapport with them and they will have your attention and eventually take action, whether it is buying your product/service, volunteering or donating.

How Does Your Product/Service Benefit Them?

Once you know what they need, try to identify ways that your product can benefit your target audience. Does your product satisfy their needs?

If so, how can you ensure that those needs are constantly met to gain their loyalty? It is only in understanding your audience’s needs that you will gain their loyalty.


Last but not least, communication is key in defining your target audience. How can you reach them? What media tools do they often use? This will help you identify the platforms where you can reach them easily and let them access your product/ service or donate or volunteer to your organization.

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In summary, understanding your target audience not only helps your business to prosper but also ensures that your audience is satisfied and the relationship becomes a win-win situation for both parties. Most people make the mistake of trying to reach everyone without knowing what they want which in the end will only strain precious resources for absolutely no gain, in fact doing it that way can even lose business.

Therefore, knowing your target audience requires a good prerequisite of the said audience. A good free service you can use to see all the demographics of potential customers is Quora.Save