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Mistakes That Are Made With Video Production

Creating a professional video can do wonders for your business and the impact this can have is in fact profound.

Just as a video can have a very powerful positive effect on your business though, so too can it have a very powerful negative effect if you get it wrong.

While a video with great production values can make your business look more professional and resourceful, an awkward, stilted or poorly put together video can end up making you look amateurish and actually put prospective customers off of using your services.

And for everything you’re getting right, it only takes a couple of mistakes to undermine the positives and to ruin the results. Here are some of the most common mistakes that get made in video production then for you to avoid.

Dressing Up Too Much

If you’re a guy in a suit sitting in his front room, you won’t look professional, you’ll look ridiculous. Likewise, if you’re a woman in a ball gown who has plastered on the makeup, then you’ll look ridiculous.

The key is to look smart but as though you’re not trying. Likewise, you should look hip and in-tune with current business trends. Right now, the old-fashioned corporate look is somewhat dated. Think ‘LA startup’ instead of ‘business from 1990’.

Dressing Up Not Enough

Likewise, though, you also shouldn’t look scruffy. Look after your hair, consider using a little foundation to smooth out your skin tone and wear something new. Women can do well to consider a little lipstick which makes their mouths show up more on camera.

Filming Too Close

Being awkwardly close up in a video can really hurt the look of it and just feels off-putting. Likewise, though, being too far away also has its downsides. Look for a happy medium.

Poor Sound Quality

If people have to strain to hear your videos, you need to re-record the sound. There are many reasons this can happen – from poor acoustics to an overly loud backing track. Whatever the case, make sure this isn’t hampering your videos.

Bad Lighting

A lot of amateur cameramen won’t think about the lighting in their set up. Sometimes they can get lucky and it won’t matter but in other cases this can lead to glare and will generally be distracting.

Being Overly Ambitious

Overall, many of these mistakes are a symptom of being overly ambitious in your video production. If you aren’t confident in your ability to film, then avoid doing it by using something like Easy Sketch Pro.