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Vlogs Vs Promotional Videos – Some Creative Differences

There is a lot of things that any business can do with a professional looking video and this is something that small businesses can do very well to invest in.

Videos are easy and cheap to create giving them an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) and what’s more, they’re highly effective at grabbing the attention of site visitors and convincing those visitors to take action.

But while you can do a great many things with a video for your business, the best success is always going to come when you are using the right type of video for your specific goals. Case in point – if you want to use your video as part of a series on YouTube, it’s likely to look very different to a promotional video you place on your company’s home page.

Read on to find out what some of the key differences here are…

The Tone

Most of the differences between a YouTube video and a promotional video come from the simple fact that YouTube videos are designed to be primarily for entertainment (most of the time) and have lower production values. At the same time, the serialized nature of these videos means that you have fewer resources available for each one.

The Narration

This will likely come across most in the narration and the way you speak over your YouTube videos. In the case of a YouTube video, this speech will probably be unplanned and punctuated with filler noises, jokes and other things that give away the ‘humanness’ of it all. For a promotional corporate video however, the script will be typed and mistakes will be removed in editing.

Jump Cuts

Jump cuts are a fun technique that make it look as though you have lost time in a video. Here, a single video is edited together in a way that doesn’t flow so that the subject jumps forward or backwards in their movement. This is an easier way to film when you don’t have lots of cameras and angles and it can be used very well to humorous effect.


YouTube videos often feature openers which are short animations that introduce the viewers to the brand can create a cohesive feel between the various videos in your series. These have no place in corporate videos as a general rule however as the whole video is promoting the brand.

Calls to Action

In a corporate or advertising video, you may well end with a call to action such as ‘call today’ or ‘visit the website to buy now’. However, the only calls to action in a YouTube video will normally be ‘share, comment and subscribe’!